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We come - We fix - We go
You don't have to disconnect your monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner or camera, and take your system to the computer shop.
PC911Canada is but one call away, and we will be at your location to make repairs to your system.

For a more detailed list of all our services, see our Services page.

Home and office network
Do you have two or more computers? You can use one printer, one scanner, even one CD burner for all of them. You can also share your high speed Internet access between all systems. Call us for affordable network setup in your home and office.

Home and office equipment.
You don't have to carry your printer, fax machine or scanner to the computer shop for repair. Give us a call and we will take care of the repairs on site.

Parental services
Do you have teenagers at home? Do you wonder what they do on the Internet or what is going on on the chat lines? Call us and we will help you control what is happening on the computer system behind your back. We will help you install and maintain parental control software or even a monitoring program which will allow you to view every visited site online as a video tape for you to review at your convenience.


is a wholly-owned Canadian company founded by Ashraf Badir (M.Sc.Eng).
Ashraf has over 18 years years of direct experience in electronics and computer engineering. He hosts a wealth of international work experience directly relating to electronics and computer engineering and has expanded his skills in these areas through applied practice. Ashraf is formally trained in the application of NTI computer forensics software and has extensive experience in the computer forensics industry. He also has an extensive background in repairs to electronic and computer equipment.

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