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System Failures

"Blue screen of death?"
Not to worry, PC911Canada repairs and services any part of your system, internal or external.
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Virus Removal

PC911Canada can remove any virus from your hard drive, floppy or documents.
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Data Recovery

We have a success rate of over 90% in recovering lost data!
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We service, repair and install all components of your system, including scanners, printers, hardware, software, program installation, hardware installations, motherboards, hard drives, operating systems, sound & video cards, peripherals, networking and much more! (See a comprehensive list of our services on our Services Page.)
And if we can't repair it or install it, you don't pay! (See our Guarantee Page for more details.)

A virus can strike at any time, even if you have the latest in anti-virus software, causing anything from a minor annoyance to a complete system failure.
Don't dispair, because PC911Canada can remove any virus safely & get you up and running again. Reformatting your drive is in most cases not necessary.

If you live in the Toronto - Hamilton - London corridor (see our Service Area page for maps and details of our regular service areas), you'd be wise to write this number down: (905) 512-7484. If you're knocked off-line by a virus or technical breakdown and are unable to access this site you can take comfort knowing personal, in-house help is just a phone call away.

One of the most unfortunate things about computer ownership is the occasional loss of important data at the most crucial of times, by either accidental deletion or equipment malfunction. PC911Canada can, in the vast majority of cases (over 90%), retrieve your critical or sensitive data, even if you've deleted or rebooted and in many cases even after reformatting the hard drive!
We perform data retrieval for many corporate clients, including those specializing in Computer Forensics, and are fully trained and qualified to perform this valuable service.