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It always happens at the worst possible time. You've spent days working on that presentation or report when suddenly disaster strikes-- you accidentally hit the "delete" button or close your window without saving. All is lost forever-- or so you think. PC911Canada specializes in file and data-retrieval, we can recover your lost files & restore them as they were before you deleted them.

Did you know that:

  • deleted computer files can be recovered?
  • even after a hard drive that is reformatted or repartitioned, data can be recovered?
  • in many instances, encrypted files can be decrypted?
  • the electronic copy of a document can contain text that was removed from the final printed version?
  • some fax machines can contain exact duplicates of the last several hundred pages received?
  • faxes sent or received via computer may remain on the computer indefinitely?
  • email is rapidly becoming the communications medium of choice for businesses and that: people tend to write things in email that they would never consider writing in a memorandum or letter?
  • email has been used successfully in civil cases as well as criminal cases?
  • email is often backed up on tapes that are generally kept for months or years?
  • many people keep their financial records, including investments, on computers?

PC911Canada can recover your lost files, as well as assist you in determining if company time (and money) is being wasted by employees abusing internet or computer privileges

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