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On-Site Residential Services:

  • Computers
  • Networks
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Multi-Functions
  • Cameras
  • Fax machines



  • Antivirus software
  • Operating systems
  • Motherboards
  • CPU's
  • Memory
  • Security software
  • Parental control
  • Networking
  • Hard drives
  • Sound cards
  • Video cards
  • Digital cameras
  • Webcams
  • CD-Rom drives
  • DVD drives
  • CR-Rom writers & DVD writers

Other services:

  • Complete system upgrade: Do you feel like your computer is a relic from the stone-age? PC911Canada can upgrade your machine to todays state-of-the-art. Upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 or XP, install a new, bigger hard drive, upgrade your memory & more. Prices have never been better, NOW is the time to do that upgrade you've been putting off.
  • Customize your PC the way you want:
    Make your TV your computer. Instead of having a computer system and a TV in the same room, PC911Canada can set up your system to utilize the computer for both. You can even record and burn Video CDs with your computer!
  • Video conversion services: Video VHS to DVD conversion.
    We convert all VHS systems (PAL, SECAM, MESECAM and NTSC) to all other systems and to video CDs and DVDs. We transfer Negative films and pictures to DVD picture rolls.
  • Remove the clutter: Over time, Windows suffers from "bloat" as partial files and other remnants of deleted programs accumulate, making your system run slow & sluggish. PC911Canada can remove this clutter & useless files & fragments, speeding up your machine & making it run more efficiently
  • Web Design Services. Like this site? Contact the Webmaster
  • Consultations: We can send a technician to your home or business to assess your requirements & determine exactly what is best for you & your computer.
  • Training & Instruction: What's the point in having the latest and the best if no-one in your home or business knows how to operate it? PC911Canada offers user-friendly, professional and experienced training and instruction on all the hardware & software we install or repair.
  • Data recovery


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