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Video Conversions

Video VHS to DVD conversion.
We convert all VHS systems (PAL, SECAM, MESECAM and NTSC) to all other systems and to video CDs and DVDs.
We transfer Negative films and pictures to DVD picture rolls.

PC911 Canada specializes in this service for insurance and investigation companies. Investigations today frequently involve other nations, in almost all cases videotapes used overseas will not play on North Amercan machines, and vice-versa. Our conversion services ensure that your clients can immediately view videos and pictures on their country's equipment, and you will be able to view theirs.

Storage space in offices is often limited, and a company using videotapes extensively will soon find these tapes taking over the room. Converting your tapes to DVD or Video CD can drastically reduce the storage requirements. The storage space of DVDs are 2% of the storage space needed for V8 tapes and 1% of VHS tapes. The storage space for the DVDs will be further cut in half if using storage wallets instead of plastic cases.

Also, DVD & Video CDs last far longer than videotapes and are less likely to be damaged by magnets, heat & humidity. DVDs can be indexed, allowing instant access to the information within instead of wearing out both tape and machine by rewinding & fast forwarding to the relevant areas.



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