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PC911 Canada Computer Forensics Services

PC911 Canada Computer Forensics Examiners have the scientific, educational, technical and professional experience and skills to perform the following forensics tasks:

  • Before and after firing an employee disaster prevention sweep
  • Discovery of destroying evidence attempts
  • Discovery of evidence alteration attempts
  • Discovery of encoded and hidden information within graphic, photo, sound or video files.
  • Securing the deletion of essential information in case of hard drive disposal or upgrading
  • Evidence discovery of employee’s Internet surfing and personal email usage. The recovery of this evidence is possible even if the Internet surfing history, cookies, temporary Internet files and downloaded files were deleted.
  • Evidence discovery of file transfer using instant messenger programs or peer to peer sharing programs.
  • Discovery of the source of a particular email, document or printed note.
  • Hate and sexual abuse letters and email source discovery



Expert Witnessing

In case an investigation ends up in court of law, PC911 Canada Computer Forensics Examiners possess the technical, scientific and professional experience to represent their case in the court of law with confidence.



Computer Forensics Recommendations:


In case of a doubt, discovery or uncertainty about any computer system to hold Computer Crime evidence, power off the computer and prevent any further use until a computer forensics examination is done.

Email and Internet use policy has to be implemented and signed by all employees in the company.

Having the policy in place makes the investigation easier for both the examiner and the employer, as the computer system under the investigation is a property of the company and it is not to be used for personal related activities.

Employee’s personal information stored on the computer system under investigation becomes investigation evidence.


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